Juniper-Kaspersky FAQs

  1. Why do I need a gateway anti-virus or a UTM if I already have
    security software on my end-points?

    In today’s environment you can’t rely just on one level of protection. Multi-layer protection is required. By implementing Juniper-Kaspersky Anti-Virus you can block malware before it reaches end-points. For details please read Why turn on Anti-Virus on the Gateway.

  2. Where can I find prices for Kaspersky Anti-Virus in Juniper Global Price-List (GPL)?

    Subscriptions for Juniper-Kaspersky Anti-Virus are listed in the Juniper Global Price-List in the section Security in the Content Subscriptions. For more information, refer to the page Product details.

  3. Are both options, Full AV and Express AV, included if I purchase Juniper-Kaspersky Anti-Virus?

    Both AV options (Full AV and Express AV) are available if you use Juniper-Kaspersky subscription.

  4. What will happen to the Anti-Virus once our subscription for the Juniper-Kaspersky Anti-Virus expires?

    When your antivirus subscription expires, you can continue to use locally stored antivirus signatures without any updates. But in that case, if the local database is deleted, antivirus scanning is disabled.

  5. Can Juniper-Kaspersky Anti-Virus be managed by Kaspersky Security Center?

    No, Juniper-Kaspersky Anti-Virus cannot be managed by Kaspersky Security Center. This feature is not provided.

From Juniper Knowledge Base