HTTP Trickling

HTTP trickling is a mechanism used to prevent the expiration of the waiting period of the server or HTTP client during a file transfer or a virus scan. In case of transfer with a slow connection, a large file may result in the expiration of the waiting period, if the time required for virus scanning a complex file is too long.

HTTP trickling is the transfer of portions determined not analyzed the HTTP client to HTTP traffic to prevent it from the browser window timeout expires while the analysis manager examines downloaded HTTP files. (The security device progressively sends small amounts of data instead of transferring at one time an entire scanned file.)

HTTP trickling is based on the duration and requires the configuration of a single parameter: the interval timeout. By default, the trickling is disabled.

Note: the trickling based on the wait time is dependent packages. Indeed, if no packet is received within a specified time interval, the HTTP trickling stops. This setting is supported only with an HTTP connection.